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1300Cars is your greatest automotive companion in Australia, designed to simplify and enhance your driving experience. Our centralized mobile application harnesses the latest technology to offer you a seamless and efficient tool, meticulously fine- tuned for drivers across the country. Whether you're commuting, road-tripping, or navigating local streets, 1300Cars is your go-to resource, providing comprehensive vehicle services, real-time traffic updates, fuel rate comparison, nearby service finder emergency assistance, roadside assistants, and a vibrant user community. We're committed to making your journey safer, more efficient, and enjoyable, ensuring that your car isn't just a mode of transportation but a trusted mate on the road. Join us and experience the future of driving with 1300Cars today!

A platform where service providers can display their offerings

Australian automotive service providers are invited to join the 1300cars provider platform. Here, you can display your services, arrange bookings and appointments, connect with 1300Cars social and digital rating system, and serve Australian vehicle owners as Australian’s way.

Automotive Training and Education
Automotive Finance and Insurance
Vehicle painting
Car Rentals
Automotive Media and Publication
Automotive Logistics and Transportation
Automotive Technology and Software
Car repairs and services
Car wash interior and exterior cleaning
Automotive Government Agencies
Roadside Assistance
Automotive Research and Development
Vehicle Parts Components
Automotive Aftermarket
Vehicle Retail and Dealerships

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It is best to provide your customers with a complete list of your services and prices

Providing your customers with a comprehensive list of your services and prices is the best way to demonstrate your capabilities

Make sure your customers are fully aware of what you offer and at what price

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